• Digital Pay!

    The universal solution for on line payments based on direct carrier billing


    An in cloud ecosystem that can guarantee digital payments services through smartphone, tablet, PC, connect TV and web


  • What digital pay is

    Digital pay is the universal solution for on line payments powered by Vetrya based on

    Direct Carrier Billing.


    It is one of the most advanced and innovative payment ecosystems in the world and it is designed to support both the mobile and fixed user base. Through the best user experience, together with the most advanced online Customer Care tools it provides Privates, Businesses and Carriers all the tools to manage the whole billing ecosystem.


    Digital pay allows merchants to easily and globally sale digital services to their own users. It offers users an easy, safe and fast way to pay their purchases without the need for a credit card or a bank account. 



    Purchases with just one click


    Selecting the "buy" button you can finalize the purchase with just one click

    Different ways of purchasing


    Full management of the payment method: subscription, single purchase and promotions

    On line reporting


    Through the on line reporting system it's possible to monitor every purchase on rela time

    Multi device

    Multi screen

    Digital Pay is available on any device connected to the network: smartphone, tablet, PC web, connect tv, game console

    Immediate integration


    Through specific APIs you can quickly integrate the Digital Pay payment system

    Self care portal


    A self care portal is available in order to monitor all the purchases, both web and mobile

  • How it works

    Digital Pay enables users to pay for their purchases directly through their carrier billing, both mobile and fixed. A safe solution that can guarantee in a few steps the purchase of a good, product or digital service in e-commerce, mobile sites and web sites.



    The digital purchase in 3 steps:



    The user chooses the good, product or digital service to buy.




    Directly by his mobile device the user chooses to buy a specific product or service by selecting the Digital Pay icon within the modes of payment, charging the expenditure in his carrier billing, both mobile and fixed.




    Digital Pay sends the request to the carrier.




    The Digital Pay platform will safely send the request to the carrier, depending on the user type of access: fixed (ex: PC web, connect tv) or mobile (ex: smartphone, tablet).




    Real time purchase notification.





    Digital Pay will notify through SMS and/or dedicated applications the outcome of purchase.

  • Safe purchases

    Start now monetizing with Digital Pay. The digital payments that guarantee the best security in the world, combined with a simple user experience and the most advanced carrier billing technology of Vetrya international services center.


    Simple and safe

    On every device

    Payment by Digital Pay is available for web browser, mobile browser and native app purchases.

  • Digital Pay is for everyone

    The key benefits for every type of market.


    Just one step: one click

    To complete your purchase you need only one click. Digital Pay is the best way to shop safely. No need for registration. No hidden account.

    It's totally transparent: your carrier billing.


    We let the business fly

    Through the partnerships of vetrya international services center with 350 world operators on 92 countries, we guarantee a global coverage for every digital purchase and highly competitive payouts.


    Assured conversion

    A full digital tool able to guarantee the most important asset a payment system can offer to an e-commerce operator: the conversion.

  • Digital Pay is available everywhere


    Digital Pay platform is available on 350 telecommunication operators and 92 countries and is already used by merchants of goods, products and digital services.